How Pinterest is becoming the new social media fad

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Not to long ago I heard about a new website called pinterest. To me it looks like a rip off of many other photo upload sights, but this one is invite only I guess the members  feel exclusive. There is starting to be so many social media outlets that they are starting to blend together, but pinterest seems to be growing steadily. The article I stumbled upon,on Mashable! that was comparing pinterest users in the US compared to those in the UK. The sheer number of users in comparison is pretty extreme. In ten months pinterest has gained 13 million users overall which is a pretty staggering number in that short time. The biggest way this article pertains to the class, is now there is yet another social media site journalist and other media users need to be aware of. The biggest thing I have learned to far, is to try and become hip and up to date with all new types of social media that people are using. Being ahead of the game is going to help you brand yourself better, because if people see you are one of the first people using social media to gain followers and get your information out there, I feel like they are more likely to follow you on that site and others.

Why is This Important?

The main point in the article that really surprised me, was the just the sheer difference in numbers in users between the two countries and also the way that it was being used. The US mainly has female users and the UK actually has a more male following on the site.

The other surprising fact about the site was they way to two countries use the site. The US mostly uses the site for posting wedding pics, crafts, fashion, and a little blogging. The UK I feel is getting way more out of the site right now with the way they are using it. UK is using Pinterest for venture capitalism, SEO and marketing, content management, PR and web stats and analysis. They are using the site for more personal branding and are getting I feel a lot more for their money. Even though it is free.

Why do We need this?

Journalism and comm students should read this article and see the different ways that they can use this new social media site. Staying ahead of the game is really the best way to get your foot in the door. I know I want to be one step ahead of everyone and looking at this article I can see how people are using this new site and really optimism it for myself by using the tools I have learned.

I have found a few more sites and articles that talk about using pinterest in business and other ways to market yourself.

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 Marketing With Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing


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